No one is an island: Iceland and the International Community

University of Akureyri, March 19, 2016

The University of Akureyri and Akureyri Academy held the Conference in collaboration with the Ministry for Foreign Affairs. The conference addressed the subject of Iceland in the International Community on a broad basis, featuring a variety of perspectives on the subject from academics, officials and NGOs. The conference was a forum for discussion on the position of Iceland in the International Community, inasmuch as the position, influence and interests of Iceland in international relations are currently and will continue to be important issues.


The following topics were addressed:

  • Development cooperation, the Government’s issues of emphasis, Iceland’s foreign aid policy, refugees, immigrants, asylum seekers, and assistance in Iceland.
  • Attitudes of political parties and stakeholder organisations towards NATO, EU, EEA, EFTA, Nordic cooperation (Nordic Council) and the UN.
  • Communities in the Arctic: environment, indigenous people, resources and legal environment, politics, safety of navigation, institutions and the legal development of the Arctic region.
  • Foreign policy, defence and security:  cross-party political consensus on national security; cooperation with NATO, the United States, Europe and the Nordic countries; Schengen cooperation: economic security, maritime security, security in the Arctic region, natural hazards and loss and damage at sea.
  • Iceland’s international trade: relations with Europe (EEA and EU), trade opportunities in Asia, the United States, export of fish and regulation and protection of the fishing stock.
  • Discourse on international affairs in the media: Iceland’s international image; politics, whaling, culture, nature, tourism and equality.

About Jakob Þór Kristjánsson

Jakob Þór Kristjánsson is a consultant in international security and university lecturer specializing in a broad range of matters pertaining to both domestic and international security. He has published and lectured about Icelandic security, Iceland in international relations, international security, terrorism and military history.