Editorial Board

In addition to the Editorial Team listed in the page entitled “About NoMe”, the journal benefits from the collaboration of the following scholars:
Prof. Claudio Morana (University of Milan-Bicocca)
Mr. Einar A. Brynjólfsson, MA (University of Akureyri)
Prof. Francesco Milazzo (University of Catania)
Dr. Guðmundur Ævar Oddsson (University of Akureyri)
Prof. Hermundur Sigmundsson (Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim)
Mr. Hrannar Már Hafberg (University of Akureyri)
Mr. Jonathan W. Wood, J.D. (Georgetown University)
Dott. Maurizio Tani (University of Iceland; founding co-editor of Nordicum-Mediterraneum)
Prof. Mikael M. Karlsson (University of Iceland)
Prof. Nicla Vassallo (University of Genoa)
Prof. Rachael Lorna Johnstone (University of Akureyri)
Prof. Sergio Morra (University of Genoa)
Dr. Valerio Lintner (Foundation for International Education, London)

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