November 2016 – Issue 11(3)

This special issue of Nordicum-Mediterraneum contains selected proceedings from the meetings of two Nordic Summer University research circles: Crisis and Crisis Scenarios: Normativity, Possibilities and Dilemmas and Human Rights and International Relations.

Once again, Nordicum-Mediterraneum was chosen by the Nordic Summer University as the venue to make the dissemination of the research circles’ output available to the international academic community in a prompt, convenient and totally open-access manner. We are proud and grateful for the continuing collaboration.

The introductory note of this special issue was penned by Drs. Mogens Chrom Jacobsen and Øjvind Larsen, who are respectively the coordinators of the two research circles, i.e. #3 (Crisis and Crisis Scenarios: Normativity, Possibilities and Dilemmas) and #5 (Human Rights and International Relations).

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