2015 – Ten years of Nordicum-Mediterraneum

The 2015 regular issue of Nordicum-Mediterraneum celebrates the journal’s first decade with three special contributions by noted Icelanders who, for professional or personal reasons, have very close ties with Italy: the celebrated tenor Kristján Jóhannsson; the ECHR judge and jurist Róbert Spanó; and the TV journalist, anchorwoman  and former presidential candidate Þóra Arnórsdóttir. In addition,  a selection of papers from an Akureyri-based international conference on freedom of the press, three interviews and many book reviews further enrich this celebratory issue.

The 2015 special issue of Nordicum-Mediterraneum comprises six papers and an introductory note concerning the NordForsk-funded IDIN network of 2011-2014, which brought together specialists in different areas of the human and social sciences in order engage in discussions about immigration in an inter-cultural perspective. The principal objective of the research network was to analyse the insufficient theoretical characterisation of the received categories (universalism and multiculturalism and connected theories such as liberalism and pluralism) that have been used to explain and regulate the relations between the ethnically defined majority and the ethnically defined minorities within the same society, with particular reference to the Nordic context and the so-called “Scandinavian model”.