Editorial Policy

Nordicum-Mediterraneum is an international and interdisciplinary forum for the presentation, discussion and exchange of ideas and resources dealing with Mediterranean and Nordic studies.

In particular, but not exclusively, Nordicum-Mediterraneum wishes to be a venue for the exploration of the ties between Iceland and Italy: historical, cultural, economic, political, scientific, religious and artistic. Nordicum-Mediterraneum wishes to foster the awareness and the understanding concerning the common origins and the intertwined traditions of the Eurasian communities of the North -- hence Nordicum -- and of the South -- hence Mediterraneum.

It is the firm belief of the journal's editors that culture is a public good and, as such, it must be available to the public as easily and as economically as possible. Publishing Nordicum-Mediterraneum exclusively in the electronic format is meant to serve this twofold goal. This belief explains why Nordicum-Mediterraneum is listed on the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ) of Lund University Libraries.